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Million Dollar Spot

Shot by 3n'1 Media

The inspiration for the song came from a record in the early 90's preformed by E-40, 2 Pac and B-Legit. Million Dollar Spot speaks on having a luxurious disclosed located to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Society can get overwhelming, sometimes it's nice to have a get away. The location of the video shoot was shot on a ranch with acres of land and animals. King Kah05, Sir Charles, & Aye Primo gives a glimpse of how it's okay to take a step back and smell the roses. Bouncy chorus, with cunning verses from each artist paints a magnificent image of team work and dedication. 

NorthWest Coast

Shot by Don James

Holding it down for the NorthWest Region, "NorthWestCoast" is the 1st Single from the 3n'1 Music Group debut Album. Record is produced by IAMNOBODI. The Trio's approach to the track consist of swift bars to compliment the bouncy instrumental. 

Super Sonic

Aye Primo Feat Sir Charles

Shot by 3n'1 Media

Aye Primo Pays Homage to his Region with the theme of the Seattle SuperSonics. As always the lyrical acupuncture hits where it's needed to cure mental telepathy with the line "Only make a move when my hearts in it". Sir Charles follows by giving the Seattle Sonics History and what could have been if the NBA decided to keep the team in the Northwest. 

One 4 the Money

While BackStage waiting to Perform, Sir Charles & Primo decide to take advantage of the opportunity and shoot "One for the Money", also off the mixtape titled "PrimoGreene." With the Vintage backdrop of old album covers and vinyl records, it creates the perfect blend to establish a nice old school hip hop feel. 

Sir Charles & Primo

Shot by 3n'1 Media

King Kah05

Listen Up Pt. 1 

Shot By Don James

King Kah05 speaks a little street gospel. Using the roads of Tacoma, WA. as a background to paint the story being told. "Listen Up" was never released on a specific project but who Knows, be on the lookout!! 

Day Uno

Shot By Don James

Shot by Don James and Produced by Gas Chamberlin "Day Uno" is an Unreleased Single 

The Lyrical Content speaks on keeping a small circle. Having a chosen few as friends. Within that group keeping a bond that can not be broken. A covenant. 

City Streetz ft. J. Lanae`

Shot By T Sega

"City Streetz" is King Kah05 debut video featuring the talented J. Lanae` with Fly Gurl Ent. The location of the shoot resides in both of their regions, J. Lanae being from Seattle, and King Kah05 living in Tacoma. The song speaks on everyday life from having a job, friends, family, and personal growth, while representing the Northwest area. 


Most High

Shot by 3n'1 Media

From the soon to be released project "High Score." The song titled "Most High" gives the listeners a perspective of what it's like to have spiritual favor. Mastering your own destiny on the road to glory. With the Highest Power as your number one supporter. 

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