On a mission to build a brand that my children will be proud of, and that my family can eat from forever. Been in this game for ten years making rap tunes. My only mind state is to make sure my next one sounds better than my last.

Joint Project by Sir Charles & Aye Primo. "PrimoGreene"

The two styles combine as one produce iconic music for the ages. Legendary songs like "Session" promotes the idea of loving the process. Understanding your desired don't happen overnight. PrimoGreene is a dynamic duo. Super Sonic is another classical track paying homage to the "Seattle Super Sonics". Timeless creation on bringing the team back to the Northwest. Each individual artist shares the amount of weight throughout the project bouncy back and forth on verses, chorus, and hooks. Easily classified as an musical sensation of work. 

Aye Primo first Solo Project Titled "GQ Man of the Year" is a rendition of great achievement. Successfully executing a set out plan. With Songs Like "For My Brothers with Sons" "Wavy" and "Choosey", Primo displays flexible talent with his ability to perform over variety of complex instrumentals. Each track captures not only your ear but the soul of the listener. The topics are coursed to lure you into a world of freshness, flyness, appeal, debonair style, with an undeniable flow. Pay close attention to "I Love my City more than Anybody".  

"G.Q. Man of the Year Interview

Come have a sit down with Primo as he gets into details about the project "GQ Man of the Year" Some of his favorite songs, Lyrical breakdowns, and some of his concepts.

Primo Single


Super Sonic

Aye Primo ft. Sir Charles

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