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Sir Charles. 3n'1 blessed me by allowing me to find it and helping me on my journey not only as artist but as a man. I did not plan on 3n'1 but sometimes a blessing is not planned it comes when most unexpected. This is a lifestyle not just a phase or fad or something catchy. So when we breathing life in the studio doing music this is soul testimony not just words on a beat. Live free spread love smile more stress less. May the Spirit be with you 3n'1 4ever

Sir Charles' Freshman  Album "InnerStand" is a Soul Centric embodiment of work. Songs like "Levels" and "Head in the Game" approach the topic of dealing with innerself to achieve outer limits. "Peace Health Love Improvement" another track off the project, reflects on self care and the awareness of improving in the areas of our lives where we lack certain qualities. Overall the album speaks about the root of our core, with also paying homage to our past. 

"Non Gmo" is Sir Charles' Sophomore Album. The project holds an up tempo elegant vibe with bouncy, melodic, jazzy, soulful type beats. The lyrical content displays a new horizon from the artist by showing growth with the content matter. Sticking to the same roots as "Innerstand" but with a twist of exuberant charismatic character on each record. Truly an album you can play start to finish without skipping over any tracks. 

Joint Project by Sir Charles & Aye Primo. "PrimoGreene"

The two styles combine as one produce iconic music for the ages. Legendary songs like "Session" promotes the idea of loving the process. Understanding your desired don't happen overnight. PrimoGreene is a dynamic duo. Super Sonic is another classical track paying homage to the "Seattle Super Sonics". Timeless creation on bringing the team back to the Northwest. Each individual artist shares the amount of weight throughout the project bouncy back and forth on verses, chorus, and hooks. Easily classified as an musical sensation of work. 

Humbled and and thankful for the abilities bestowed on us from the bloodlines before that carried the torch. Sir Charles is honored to present his 3rd body of work as a music artist and picked the name Antidepressant because he felt it was needed for his next project to show where he's at mentally. Combatting the hard times like we all have too, we can all agree 2020 has been quite the episode. Thank you all those that took part in the process. Enjoy, listen and vibe. Sir Charles's aim  is to be thought provoking and uplifting with every effort record. 

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Super Sonic

Aye Primo ft. Sir Charles

No Eye n' Team

Sir Charles 

Late Nate

Sir Charles 

Classy Girl

Sir Charles ft. King Kah05


Sir Charles ft. Aye Primo


Sir Charles 


Sir Charles

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