A talented Northwest artist discovered his position in the music industry and continues to murder the reality rap game with writing about the different struggles in life. Making a name for himself through the experiences he lived. Kah05 was formed in the concept of his close friend RIP "Joe Smo" who passed away in 2005.

King Kah05 Second album is titled "South Tacoma Way" The artist decides to speak about the environment where he was raised, Tacoma Washington. Using clips from the movie "New Jersey Drive" as a narrative, the album tells a story of a young man growing up with a strong mother that does her best to keep her son out of trouble. Not straying too far from T.G.4.E., South Tacoma lyrical content displays having ambition amongst circumstances standing in your way. 

King Kah05's Debut Album T.G.4.E was written during a time of struggle. Despite everyday obstacles the LP expresses having a positive outlook when situations don't go our way. Beginning a new journey and leaving the past behind. The songs on the album projects huge growing pains, learning lessons, and stepping into a "Knew Light". Thank God 4 Everything is meant to inspire when you feel like giving up. 

Titled "85 South" is an Unreleased EP recorded while King Kah05 was located in Atlanta. The three track project reflects on the process of a journey. Looking back on how far, and where you came from. The importance of knowing your past can lead the direction of where you're going. Each song has a different vibe with the same underlying message, and that's never let your circumstances predict your future.  The artist always displays a direct approach with the delivery of his lyrics. On this project his artistry takes a step outside the lines to liberate the souls of his listeners. 

T.G.4.E Documentary

Shot by Flight Music ENT.

Sit Down with King Kah05 and get to Know the Artist personally in the T.G.4.E. 35-minute Documentary.

Discussing what 3n'1 Reckordz means, future plans, the region he represents, what makes him different as an artist,

while hanging out with the artist in his everyday life. Studio sessions, photo shoots, promotion and more...

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